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The seeds that give birth to Albero Aureo is passion, love, and respect for the nature, considered as an essential source of life. The wood it's always been present on the human life as natural resource used as multipurpose material and it’s essential to all life on earth. The trees are the base of life on earth, they make possible to create the animals habitat, several wood application help the man adapt to the environment.

Loving and the passion for the nature need a consciousness of respect for this precious element, this was the origin of Albero Aureo concept, share the respect for the nature, protect deforestation and most important give life of new forests is the goal we are focused on.

The knowledge of a country like Brasil where live the most famous tropical forest worldwide due to the dimension and variety of spices with all different clime temperature give unique characteristics to wood combined with the well know taste of beauty inside the Italian culture and the famous Swiss quality control make possible these masterpiece of artworks by Albero Aureo.



The “Perfect harmony” of natural shape.
The natural shape is always the most beautiful, the mathematics analyze this to find linear correlation in reality the universe behave is not always defined by linear development and harmony. This creates more astonishment when we discover such mother nature artwork. The wood realized sinuous, evocative forms, inspired by harmony of the golden section.

How nature manages to be so beautiful, the golden section is an answer, this is the perfect harmony and balance that regulates the earth living elements. In every tree it is easy to find sign of it, in fact it is also studied in mathematics with the Golden Tree formula where all the parts are completely symmetrical and follow mathematical rules, like in a laboratory, but reality is far from theory, in fact the mechanisms are influenced by external events, but the nature linked to the Fibonacci discover find the way to maintain this harmony.



Precious treasury to preserve

Pure and authentic values inspired by the respect of nature, where the consciousness of the environment it’s the priority, helping reforestation and conservation of the local forest. First statement of Albero Aureo it’s “care about the tree as yourself, so plant as many tree as you can” under this philosophy grow the action of Albero Aureo always focus to support life and follow the nature.

Magnificent object created with constant attention of every detail, makes different finishes due to the shades, reflects of colors on the chosen wood with unexpected combinations. An object of art that embraces the space, encompasses it and makes it uniqueits enchanting fragrances and the knowledge of different wood are weave with the savoir faire of artisans with sophisticated tastes. So these elements appear as timeless architecture, and sophisticated design a perfect example of well balanced union of nature culture and tradition.

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