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Albero Aureo

La consapevolezza della bellezza nella Natura

Plant (seeds) as much as you can!

These wonderful trees grows close to the coast on the north region of Brasil were the semi tropical climate give sunny days all year around with only few month of light rain high humidity and wild wind, the perfect weather that suite perfect ambient of many famous species such as pau brasil.
Close to the tourist location Natal in rio grande du nord, at 5 km from the cost there’s Nisia Floresta a region where rich of lakes and rivers that help to boost nature development. One of these lake it’s called lagoa seca due to the seasonal drying that occour and give the aspect of dry lake rich of green life.

forest brazil

The green it’s life

The forest park its composed by autoctone plants to ensure the right development many of those are wild grown during the last 100 years. Many others here plated new to help forest development.

The variety of autoctone plants its unique, from fruit plant like coconuts, mango, up to plants that are on the list of risk of extinction, such as: pau brasil, pao ferro, as many other species that complete the forest.

Becoming like a sanctuary for the local fauna that become much rich every day. From birds to small alps like Callithrix jacchus, reptiles, many kind of insects, and others animals live together in an area that cover several mq. Different species

Location forest


Reforestation Area

The area of reforestation covers this entire area in green, given that the entire space is not inhabited and maintains a dry riverbed.

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