Meet the

Albero Aureo founder

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Meet the Albero Aureo founder 

I’m glad to pursuit my childhood dream "give life to new forests". I get the chance to develop the way of active sustainable art from nature. Drived by the love for the natural wood, I'm enthusiast of my constant study and research. I feel the history that bond humans with wood, likewise spiritual connection between this form of life.

Living in the connection era I’m traveling throw Brazil and Europe trying to develop something that is really a natural connection. These works contain a message for the European consciousness they usually don’t care about, how rare nature art beauty need help to be respected especially the green life in a development country like Brazil.

We need to fully understand the true meaning of “green” life, and why it’s essential for all of us. Always giving thanks for all life.

Giorgio Fenzi

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      Atelier Albero Aureo - Switzerland:
    • Via Alla Foce, n° 4, 6933, Muzzano - Switzerland. 

    Forest Albero Aureo - Brazil:
  • Rua das Raízes, n° 2, Pium, Parnamirim, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil.