The awareness of
beauty in nature

Nature expresses harmony in all its forms, Albero Aureo grasp this beauty and reproduce it through the perfect proportions enclosed in the golden section, create unique works of precious wood with a new consciousness to realize natural archetypes of furniture

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Albero Aureo

Dedicated to create Natural furniture Art objects


The seeds that give birth to Albero Aureo is passion, love, and respect for the nature, considered as an essential source of life. The wood it's always been present on the human life as natural resource used as multipurpose material ...

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How nature manages to be so beautiful, the golden section is an answer, this is the perfect harmony and balance that regulates the earth living elements. In every tree it is easy to find sign of it, in fact it is also studied in mathematics ...

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Pure and authentic values inspired by the respect of nature, where the consciousness of the environment it’s the priority, helping reforestation and conservation of the local forest. First statement of Albero Aureo it’s “care about ...

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Why Brazilian Wood

He vastness territory from the Amazon basin to the temperate southern climate creates innumerable different species of trees creating and unique ecosystem. The value of many brazilian species are well know as strong and timeless wood such as ipe or the pao Brasil that give name to the country itself.

Nature Design



The search is turned towards the single pieces where the beauty it’s already in the element, underline the creation of the wonderful nature this is our job. Complete an existing piece of art begin with choosing the right support and feel the inspiration that come from inside breathing the emotion.

The knowledge of the territory allows us to search, throughout all Brazil, of the most singular pieces of wood in terms of shape, movement, particularity, selecting colors, nuances and qualitative characteristics of all the different essences.

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Unique custom wood for special furniture


The vision to create an atelier in which nature suggests to the eye how to better highlight the natural perfection already present in the wood. Collections are exposed for Architects, interior designer to suite every solution and add an elegant, personal touch to private home, exclusive hotels, sophisticated resorts, corporate or commercial, stylist boutique, shops and other location to give touch of enhance. These artistic elements suite to any indoor area to create sophisticated settings in which to relax and feel the true luxury.


Every tree is

different this

We ask the sense in the standardization of mass culture, why does the industry produce millions of identical objects for millions of different people? Why is the world constantly moving while most of the furniture is static? Thinking that every individual is different from others, due to the physical and mental characteristics, that our bodies are constantly moving. With this concept, Albero Aureo develops unique artworks, impossible to copy or reproduce in series, this respond to the natural movement in harmony with the space that surrounds us.

Collection are composed of numbered master piece of original and natural art. Each artwork, enhances the perfect beauty of the natural wood and the human touch to underline the exclusivity, originality and harmony, come with a “courtesy book” with that specific all the data o the artwork such as dating, region where grown, wood species, etc

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Forest location

"It’s was always my child dream to create new forests."

Giorgio Fenzi - Founder CEO

Plant seeds as much as you can!

These wonderful trees grow near the coast in northern Brazil, where the semi-tropical climate gives sunny days all year long, with just a few months of light rain, high humidity and wild wind, the perfect climate that combines perfect environment with many species. Famous as Pau Brasil.

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The green it's life

The forest park consists of native plants to ensure correct development. There are variety of plants, from fruit such as coconuts, mango to plants that are on the endangered list, such as: Pau Brasil, Pão Ferro, so many other species that complete the native forest.

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